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Black Cat Fireworks is part of LF Europe & LF Americas which in turn is part of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong listed multinational with over 100 years of supply chain expertise. As the world leader in the design, development and sourcing of consumer goods, Li & Fung covers all aspects of the supply chain from product design and production management to quality control and shipping.

Li & Fung


We create exciting fireworks with the ability to outperform our competitors whilst adhering to legal compliance. Our technical firework design teams work on a rolling program of new firework product development and packaging design which allows us to showcase new fireworks to you every year!

Li & Fung

Safety and Quality

All our fireworks are 100% compliant with strict UK legislation and adhere to CE (BS EN 15947) Standards. Our management team in the factories, dedicated laboratory and ISO 9001 testing centre ensure that the right fireworks are produced on time, to specification.

Li & Fung


We pride ourselves on outstanding service, with a UK based team operating from our Huddersfield head office, covering all firework sales, logistics, warehousing, technical, legislation support and trading advice, marketing and design. We have an established UK distribution model, working with haulage companies to provide the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Li & Fung

Recognised within the Industry

We have established links with the Trading Standards Office, Health & Safety Executive and LACoRS. Consulted by government on firework legislation, we work closely with the following bodies: Emergency Services, Trading Standards Office, Health & Safety Executive, Members of Parliament, the media and retailers.

Li & Fung

Li & Fung

Operating through a global network of over 300 offices and distribution centres in more than 40 markets, Li & Fung’s 15,000+ suppliers provide high quality, ethically sourced consumer goods to retailers around the world. The global reach of Li & Fung brings significant purchasing power to LF Europe & LF Americas as well as unrivaled access to merchandising and product development capabilities.

Li & Fung

LF Europe & LF Americas

Headquartered in London, with offices throughout Europe and the USA, LF Europe & LF Americas provide a dynamic range of private label products to retailers and brand owners. Our diverse product range covers apparel, footwear, accessories, gifts, beauty, home and hard goods, promotional items, fireworks and seasonal celebration items.

Our Firework Brands

standard logo

Family Firework Fun

The Standard Firework range has been designed for all round family fun since 1891. We provide a broad range of fireworks from family favourites such as Firework Selection Boxes, Rockets and Sparklers, along with Fountains, Roman Candles and Cakes, through to the newer Single Ignition fireworks, which provide a complete choreographed firework display in a box. The Standard “Guy Fawkes made of fireworks” has for years been seen on our firework packaging and posters, as the man made of fireworks, evolving over the years. Today as in 1891, we aim to offer fireworks for everyone and our brand has always been synonymous with family fun, innovation, quality, safety and value for money.

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Black Cat is the Best You Can Get

The global Black Cat Fireworks brand is renowned for exciting, innovative fireworks, for those who take their fireworks more seriously. Black Cat Fireworks offers high powered, display quality fireworks, perfect for the fireworks enthusiast or those who want to impress! Black Cat Fireworks has been well known within the industry in the UK for flagship fireworks such as: Collosus - A single ignition firework known throughout the firework industry for its superior choreography and colours, designed by the pyrotechnician whose artistry created the Sydney Harbour bridge display! An awesome firework display in a box. Majestic Finale - An awesome 120 shot single ignition firework with sky filling effects creating a show stopping firework display. Our technical team have designed an exciting and innovative new range of high power Single Ignition fireworks, using the very latest technology, without compromising on safety and quality.

Meet the Team

Austin Brown - General Manager

Austin joined Black Cat in 2008, running sales and marketing before becoming the General Manager in 2009. From a sales background, with a creative eye Austin loves to get involved with the customers, not always to the joy of the sales team!

Dream Career as a kid?Assassin

Cartoon character you are most like?Tasmanian devil

Daftest thing you have done?At 7 years old I painted myself green (aka ‘Hulk’) and jumped off the garage roof.

Nicola Berry - Senior National Account Manager

Nicola first joined Black Cat as a temp in 2002. She worked her way up the business and is now Head of Sales. Nicola describes her team as “amazeballs” and enjoys ensuring our customers receive the first class service that they deserve.

Dream Career as a kid?Lady of leisure

Daftest thing you’ve done?Agreed to have my picture taken for this website!

Favourite Cocktail?Mojito

Eve Hall - National Account Manager

Eve joined Black Cat in July 2011 and her role is National Account Manager & Product Development. Eve is the middle man between our customers & the rest of the Black Cat team. Eve is here to make sure our customers get what they want, when they want it.


Favourite Cocktail?Anything with Champagne in it!

Dream Career as a kid?Hairdresser

Best way to take over the world?Beyonce style!

Debbie Coates - VP Finance

Debbie has worked for Black Cat since 1991, originally starting in the Packing Area of what was once a manufacturing site. Over the years Debbie has studied and retrained, and her current role is VP Finance. Debbie looks after the finance functions for Black Cat and our sister company in Germany, COMET Feuerwerk.

Favourite Cocktail?Strawberry Daiquiri

Dream Career as a kid?Chef

Cartoon character you are most like?Minnie Mouse

John Williams - Operations Manager

John joined Black Cat in 2004 as the Operations Manager and is responsible for all operations on the Crosland Hill site. John values the family type feel at Black Cat and has a team of seven staff reporting to him, one Supervisor, three Leading hands, two Site operatives and a Security guard.

Dream Career as a kid?Working in television

Cartoon character you are most like?George Jetson or Mr. Magoo!

Favourite Cocktail?Four Horsemen

Roger Swithenbank - Logistics Manager

Roger has been at Black Cat for 11 years and is responsible for getting the product into our site and then when orders are placed, out to our customers in time for Bonfire Night and New Year celebrations. All within budget of course.

Favourite Cocktail?Bailey's with another measure of Bailey's in it!

Dream Career as a kid?Formula 1 driver

Cartoon character you are most like?Fred Flintstone

Judy Charlton - Health & Safety Manager

Judy joined Black Cat in February 2014 as Health & Safety Manager. Judy values the outdoor aspects of the job and the unique site that presents unique challenges. Judy also enjoys the job variety.

Dream Career as a kid?Wonderwoman

Cartoon Character you are most like?Wonderwoman, again!

Favourite Cocktail?A sensible question at last - Mojito!