A Cartoonist in a Firework Factory

A Cartoonist in a Firework Factory

A collection of amusing drawings and stories related to life at the Standard Fireworks production factory in the 70’s & 80’s produced by former long-serving employee, Bob Hryndyj.

Bob Hryndyj tells a fascinating story in ‘A Cartoonist in a Firework Factory’, which is brought to life by his collection of drawings featuring antics that occurred at the historic Standard Fireworks Factory in the 70’s and 80’s. If Bob saw one of his colleagues dropping a clanger or doing something funny, it could sometimes be captured within minutes as a cartoon drawing that would provide entertainment for all the workers at the site.

What is so unique and interesting about ‘A Cartoonist in a Firework Factory’ is that not only does it share hilarious stories and drawings of colleagues, it also gives an insight into the firework manufacturing processes and views of the factory site, which we believe everyone who loves fireworks or works/has worked in the fireworks industry will enjoy. Bob joined Standard Fireworks as a 20 year old in 1971 and his first position was Guillotine Operator. The job entailed cutting huge quantities of paper and cardboard that would go on to make all the tubes and wraps for all the many different fireworks and their components.

Bob spent the last 20 years of his time at the site as a talented Graphic Designer, creating amazing artwork for fireworks packaging. We would like to thank Bob for allowing us to share this with you and hope that you all enjoy it as much as we did!

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