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Here at Standard Fireworks we have been supplying fireworks to the UK market since 1891 and have a wealth of experience within the UK consumer firework market and partnerships with the UK's key retailers. From our head office in Huddersfield we co-ordinate the sales, marketing, sourcing, distribution of fireworks to the retail and professional trades. From 1998 Standard has been part of the Black Cat international brand.

January 22nd, 2014

Time posted: 11:55

Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year

There are many myths surrounding the invention and original use of fireworks but the most well known tale relates to Chinese New Year.  It is said that an interesting flame was produced when a Chinese cook accidently spilled saltpetre, which is an ingredient in gunpowder, into a cooking fire. This mixed with other ingredients used to create gunpowder such as charcoal and sulphur burned with a pretty flame in a fire, however once it was wrapped in a bamboo tube the mixture caused an explosion when set alight. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 19th, 2013

Time posted: 12:22

THAT time of year is fast approaching…

Black Cat & Standard Fireworks

As the nights begin to get darker earlier and the days offer only a glimmer of the summer sun, we here at Black Cat and Standard Fireworks realise THAT time of year is fast approaching. We refer to THAT time of year in relation to November. The hard working and proud staff here at Black Cat and Standard Fireworks are working at full throttle in order to be ready for the big occasions. We refer to big occasions as not only do we have Bonfire Night at the beginning of November this year, but also Diwali celebrations begin on Sunday 3rd November. The trucks have been rolling through the factory gates, filled to the brim with fantastic Black Cat and Standard Fireworks products. The online orders are picking up and staff members are busy communicating with the supermarkets. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 31st, 2012

Time posted: 16:30

Firework Fever App
Firework Fever App 
Black Cat and Standard Fireworks have updated the “Firework Fever” App with a new character – Safety Sam.
Firework Fever character - Safety Sam

If you haven’t already downloaded the app and would like to please click on the link below:

The app is FREE and FUN and available to download from the apple store!!!

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August 7th, 2012

Time posted: 8:45

2012 Olympics Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks Olympics Banner

Celebrate the historic 2012 Olympics of the UK Olympics with a bang at Black Cat and Standard Fireworks!

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May 15th, 2012

Time posted: 15:59

The Queens Jubilee, Celebrate with Fireworks

The Queens Jubilee

The Queens Jubilee is coming up on the 2nd – 5th June, celebrating 60 years as Monarch.

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March 23rd, 2012

Time posted: 11:40

Easter Fireworks

Buy fireworks online for Easter Holidays 

Easter is on its way, with only two weeks to go till Good Friday, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about ordering your fireworks.

Buy fireworks online at Black Cat and Standard Fireworks online firework shop, and remove any hassle from buying fireworks.

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January 10th, 2012

Time posted: 15:50

Fireworks Calendar 2012

2012 Big Year for Fireworks?

Fireworks Calendar 2012

 With everything going on in the UK could this year be a massive year for fireworks.

 Lets have a look at what is coming up this year…

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December 13th, 2011

Time posted: 10:11

Christmas and New Years Eve Fireworks

Perfect fireworks for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

New Year is traditionally a time to go all out with your fireworks, the bigger the better! The trend started in 2000 for the millennium.

It’s all about owning your part of the sky that night – big bursts, bright colours, beautiful effects and having a great time watching the display surrounded by the people you love.

So with this in mind, the ideal  New Years Eve Fireworks are Single Ignitions and Display Kits – a whole aerial display neatly put together for you with non of the hassle.

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November 25th, 2011

Time posted: 9:56

New Selection of Fireworks for Packages

Package Deals

Black Cat Fireworks are now offering new package’s for weddings, parties and birthdays. A new selection of products has been hand picked for this festive season of Christmas and New Year – make sure you take a look.
With price ranges to suit everyone nobody needs to miss out this winter.

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October 13th, 2011

Time posted: 16:05

Halloween Firework Party

Halloween Party

Halloween is less that three weeks away, and it’s that time of year for the costumes to come out. Halloween can be a great time for adults – never mind the kids.

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