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Here at Standard Fireworks we have been supplying fireworks to the UK market since 1891 and have a wealth of experience within the UK consumer firework market along with partnerships with the UK’s key retailers. From our head office in Huddersfield we co-ordinate firework sales, marketing, sourcing and distribution to the retail and professional trades. Since 1998 Standard Fireworks has been part of the international brand Black Cat Fireworks.


Standard Fireworks – The UK’s official No.1 firework brand - the only recognised firework brand in the UK

Black Cat Fireworks – The Global No.1 firework brand - for Black Cat Fireworks US please visit

Li & Fung 

 Black Cat Fireworks is part of LF Europe & LF Americas which in turn is part of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong listed multinational with over 100 years of supply chain expertise.

As the world leader in the design, development and sourcing of consumer goods, Li & Fung covers all aspects of the supply chain from product design and production management to quality control and shipping.

Operating through a global network of over 300 offices and distribution centres in more than 40 markets, Li & Fung’s 15,000+ suppliers provide high quality, ethically sourced consumer goods to retailers around the world.

The global reach of Li & Fung brings significant purchasing power to LF Europe & LF Americas as well as unrivalled access to merchandising and product development capabilities.

LF Europe & LF Americas

Headquartered in London, with offices throughout Europe and the USA, LF Europe & LF Americas provide a dynamic range of private label products to retailers and brand owners. Our diverse product range covers


Infrastructure – As part of LF Europe within the Li & Fung Group, the World’s leading supply chain Management Company, with the head office in Hong Kong, we benefit from financial stability, compliance management and worldwide business infrastructure. -

Innovation & Value for Money – We create exciting fireworks with the ability to outperform our competitors whilst adhering to legal compliance. Our technical firework design teams work on a rolling program of new firework product development and packaging design which allows us to showcase new fireworks to you every year! Our fireworks provide the best value for money available in the UK.

Safety and Quality – All our fireworks are 100% compliant with strict UK legislation and adhere to BS 7114 and UN standards. Our management team in the factories, dedicated laboratory and ISO 9001 testing centre ensure that the right fireworks are produced on time, to specification.

Service – We pride ourselves on outstanding service, with a UK based team operating from our Huddersfield head office, covering all firework sales, logistics, warehousing, technical, legislation support and trading advice, marketing and design. We have an established UK distribution model, working exclusively with Gee's Haulage and Tuffnell's Parcel's Express to provide the right product, in the right place, at the right time. 

Recognised within the Industry – We have established links with the Trading Standards Office, Health & Safety Executive and LACoRS. Consulted by government on firework legislation, we work closely with the following bodies:

  • Emergency Services 
  • Trading Standards Office 
  • Health & Safety Executive 
  • Members of Parliament 
  • The Media
  • Retailers

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Li & Fung Limited Europe

Black Cat Fireworks is registered in England and the registered office is at:
Aire Valley Business Centre, Lawkholme Lane, Keighley, BD21 3BB. Company Registration No. 1900841. VAT No. GB419845030

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